Monday, December 10, 2012

Sunday Funday!

Yesterday I took a total break from school stuff. Instead I spent the day Christmas-ing my house with my family.  I made the most delicious chocolate-peppermint cookies and did some awesome crafty crafts with my 3 (almost 4 yikes) year old.

I knew I wanted chocolate cookies with peppermint and knew I had hit the jackpot when I found white chocolate peppermint M&M's (who knew such a thing existed!?!)  With a few tweeks to an instant cake mix I had the YUMMIEST and EASIEST holiday treat, hooray!

It started with with Duncan Hines devil's food cake mix. I added 1/3 cup olive oil and two eggs and mixed until it was no longer lumpy (it was quite thick.) 

Then I added these babies, it was about a cup or more, they are pretty big.  I spooned them onto a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper (because goodness knows I won't feel like scrubbing the cookie sheet!) and threw them in the oven (350 degrees for about 12-15 minutes). 
Easy peasy and DELICIOUS!

I only scooped about a tablespoon sized dollop and they spread out a lot to make a decent sized cookie. This would be an incredibly treat to bring to my holiday party at school, I think the kids  (and other teachers) would gobble them right up.

Another holiday craftivity we worked on was decorating plates with Sharpie markers.  Holy cuteness! I had seen this on coffee cups before but thought we would try to give them as gifts from my daughter. I love that it has her awesome artwork and is fully functional. My next step is to bake them in the oven to make sure the sharpie won't wash off and as long as they are only hand washed my little artist's masterpiece will be permanent. 

I thought about getting enough plates for my students to do this for their families, however, I have already spent enough on the darlings, maybe next year?!  

These plates came from TJMaxx but I think the ones from the dollar store work just as well.

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