Tuesday, March 4, 2014

QR Math

My qr craze has intensified!! Not only did I finish the multiplication task cards but I also added division.  Big YAY!!

These are perfect for my third graders (especially the ones who struggle to stay motivated in math.) Students buzzed through the task cards to check their work with the qr scanner. I included two sets of cards in each pack. The first set of task cards has three different backgrounds that signify varying levels. I did this so teachers could give students differentiated work or use it as they introduce multiplication strategies. I then changed the background for the remaining task cards and renumbered them so there would be 24 task cards at varying levels. There is an answer sheet for students to write the problem and show their work. 

My school is lucky enough to have iPads available. I previously used the iPads by having students go on math apps the computer teacher put in the 3rd and 4th grade math folder. Now that my students have learned to multiply and divide I have added these task cards as a technology choice. 

Next on my list is adding and subtracting as well as rounding. I am always looking for ways to reinforce concepts taught earlier in the year. Throwing in a bit of technology usually entices even my least motivated learners.  Check it out here: multiplication and division!

Oh the possibilities with qr codes!!! 

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