Monday, October 29, 2012

Overly engaged?

Is there such a thing as being overly engaged? If there is, I saw it today. When my students are so engaged in a lesson that they are shouting out I feel that I struggle between needing them to settle down and not wanting to squelch their enthusiasm. I would much rather have a group of students I have to settle down as opposed to a group who is completely uninterested in the lesson. This was my struggle today while doing the fact vs. opinion mini lesson. It was quite entertaining to see their differing opinions which led to wonderful conversation.  After the mini lesson students checked their posters to make sure it contained both facts and opinions and were asked to identify both.

I am still loving the election unit and can't wait until we have the candidates narrowed down to two. Each group is so passionate about their candy choice, the commercials and the debate are going to be a blast to watch. We are recording their commercials tomorrow and the debate should be in the next few days.

You can find this sWeEt unit here :)
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