Saturday, October 27, 2012

Saturday fun with Mr. Sketch

I had an enchanted date with Mr. Sketch this afternoon. While both of my girls were sleeping (never happens, EVER!!!) I thought I would put my NEW markers to use.  First quarter is almost over (eeek) and book reports are due. While correcting papers earlier (isn't my life is so exciting...) I noticed that my little darlings struggle to summarize.  I did some searching on the internet and found the somebody/wanted/but/so/then method of summarizing and thought that would be PERFECT!

Yay, can't wait to get this bad boy laminated! And while I had the markers out, I thought I might as well go ahead and work on a poster for helping the kiddos with fact vs opinion. In the election unit they are struggling with this concept. They are getting lost in their opinions and mistaking them for fact.  I can't wait for this lesson on Monday and to hopefully see the improvement in their work.

And while I had the markers handy I wanted to revamp my engaged learning poster. It was tired and old and I didn't staple it correctly (one staple per corner) so it was folding up. When I first put this up I thought it would be helpful and a good reminder but I honestly didn't know how much my kids would really refer to it. I can tell you we have conversations almost daily about it and what being engaged in learning looks like. The kids refer to it and feel so proud when they are engaged, yippy!

Happy weekend, I hope you have a relaxing or productive day, which ever you need more :)

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