Sunday, November 4, 2012

Daily schedule

When I got the good news that I would be hired for my current teaching position I was overwhelmed by all of the stuff in classroom. There was so much to go through and I had NO idea what I would need or use. In the spring I organized as best as I could to get the classroom ready for summer cleaning and when I came back in the fall I did what I could but needed to spend more time getting things ready for students. This year I have tried to spend more time organizing and that includes my daily schedule. I started off last year by writing the schedule on the board. That didn't last long because I can't stand to have the mess left behind after erasing and felt it necessary to clean the board every time I needed to change the schedule. I ended up making schedule cards that were boring black and white, laminated them, stuck magnetic buttons (love) on them, put them up on the board and called it good. It certainly took care of my erase mark problem, lol. However, some of my darlings like to help change the daily schedule and we have somehow lost Monday (who likes Mondays anyway, he he) so I needed to revamp the schedule, and calendar.

Here is what I came up with and I can't wait to put these up in my classroom. You can download them from my TPT store. I need to make the dreaded trip to Walmart to pick up some more magnetic buttons since I used the last of them on the name tags last week.  I also left some blank ones because something funky always comes up and I want to avoid having to write on the board where I keep the schedule.

Now to find a safe place for them... Last year I kept them in a container and the kids and I were always hunting for them but this year I have them all stuck on the board under where I keep the calendar/schedule.  I will get a picture of the old ones (ick) and the new ones :) this week. Hurray to the new and colorful cards!!

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