Monday, November 19, 2012

These are a few of my favorite things

Tis that time of year to start preparing Christmas lists and I always end up asking for things for my classroom. While thinking of things I would like to add to my classroom I thought I would share all of my favorites.
I ADORE these markers! They make the poster creation process a delight! I only have the set of 12 and am seriously hoping for an upgrade this Christmas.  Not that I make a habit of smelling markers, but they are deliciously aromatic. LOVE!

This is a fun comprehension game that comes with the CUTEST little brief case. This game promotes inferencing and using hints/clues to answer questions. Win!

I am not a big fan of worksheets and using these cubes has enhanced my reading groups greatly. I keep a binder of important information/forms with me for reading groups and keep track of comprehension as the students answer questions. The red cubes are for use prior to reading, blue are used during and green are used after reading. The kids like the change in pace these cubes provide and rolling them is just way too much fun.

I use these pens/markers all the time and I even have my students addicted to them. They are an amazing cross between a pen and marker. I love using them for correcting or adding color in small spaces where my Mr. Sketch markers would be too big. I had only ever seen them sold in smaller packs so seeing them as 12 was way too exciting for me to pass.

As I consider what to add to my list this year I would love to hear what your favorite classroom items are. What is it you just can't live without?? 

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