Friday, November 30, 2012

I will be organized!!

One of my MAJOR goals this year is to be more organized. I thought I was doing well with this goal when I first got my classroom. I purged A LOT of things then and again this past summer. However, I kept a bunch of miscellaneous, I might use this, items.  Whenever I have a few minutes I try to pick an area and do what I can to organize it. I had a bunch of comprehension cards hanging around and in a moment of sheer brilliance (they don't happen often, lol) I realized they would fit perfectly in greeting card boxes, YAY! (Now what to do with the greeting cards...)  

Anyway, this has worked very well and I can use them in reading groups or the kids can grab them to use during buddy reading. The cards pictured are included in my Roald Dahl unit but I will be making an additional set that is more generic and offering them in my TPT store as a FREEBIE :)

HOLY MOLY my photography skills are terrible! I can't even blame it on the camera, yikes!! Sorry about the blurry pictures!

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