Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My first attempt at clip art

Good morning bloggy friends. While recovering from a sinus infection, I have banished myself to the couch and wanted to try out my new sketch book app. While trying to create clip art I have tried out various methods: drawing, scanning, editing, drawing in an app, etc and finally found a great program (i.e. its easy for novices like me to understand).  I have basic knowledge of photo editing and after playing around for a bit I think I've got it. This cute little guy is free to you, I had to share him right away. (I am not patient enough to wait until I have made the whole monster family.) Comments are welcome! Its hard for me to judge if he/she is cute or if I am just blinded by my mama love for this guy, and perhaps delirious from my nasal issues, lol. My plan is to create the rest of this monster family after playing around a bit more with the program and taking any suggestions you would be kind enough to provide. Thanks as always :)


  1. I just spent quite a bit of time searching for numerical stickers for the '25 Days of Christmas' for a project I'm working on. I could only find one set and it wasn't for children. I finally had to make my own on PowerPoint. That would be a great 'clip-art' project. A Christmas clip art for each of the 25 Days of Christmas! Lulu Begin